Amazon A+ Listing Service Provider in Agra

Amazon A+ Listing Service Provider
Amazon A+ Listing Service Provider

Especially in an E-commerce marketplace like Amazon, it is very important to deliver more and more information about the product. The visitors who are viewing your product can’t hold the product physically nor can check its quality that is where Amazon A+ listing service provider role comes into play.

Amazon A+ listing service provider can describe product features in more interesting and creative way. Buyer seeks to collect as much information as possible about the products before making a final purchase decision.

As a seller, we must provide as many features as possible about the products. So that by exploring the information given on the product pages visitor can decide whether the displayed product best suits his/her need or not.

Amazon provides A+ Listing feature, Sellers or Amazon A+ listing service provider can create more attractive and high quality product pages. Product pages with rich and quality content are more likely to rank better on Amazon.

That is why Amazon ask sellers to mention more and more features about the product in the form of bullet points and in product description section, whatever product you will see on Amazon you will find all of its feature in the form of bullet point on the right-hand side of the product images.

Using the Amazon A+ listing feature seller add high quality images, can break down long paragraphs into smaller paragraphs. This content management tool can boost their conversion and organic ranking too.

There are many technical aspects that you need to know before you start creating Amazon A+ listing, without prior knowledge and training you will end up suspending your Amazon Seller Account, that is why you need to hire an Amazon Product listing service provider.

Let’s dive into more detail about what is Amazon listing and What are the Advantages of using the Amazon A+ listing feature.

What is A+ Listing?

Amazon A+ content is a type of content management tool available inside seller central, using this tool sellers can create more attractive and high-quality product descriptions containing comparison chart and standard images with header text and paragraphs for better Amazon listing. Using Amazon A+ listing feature sellers can include comparison charts, high-quality images, HD videos, etc.

Amazon provides several tools using which sellers or account handler can constantly improve their product listing on Amazon. Using these tools sellers can create Amazon A+ content descriptions.

Most visitors avoid reading lengthy paragraphs, or paragraphs which don’t have images. So to make your paragraphs more readable you need to include relevant images and break down the long paragraph into small paragraphs.

It has been observed that peoples are more likely to read product description which contains eye-catching infographics, and easy-to-read and understand paragraphs. A+ listing content management tool allows brands, seller account handlers, or service providers to create more engaging and eye-catching listing. This can lead to better visibility and increased sales.

Where does Amazon A+ Content Appear?

Amazon A+ content appear right under the product description section.

Amazon A+ content
Amazon A+ content

The seller can customize Amazon+ content to look however they want. The seller can add high-quality images, infographics, and more detailed text. Amazon A+ content appears under the product description section, you can easily identify Amazon A+ listing by visiting the product description section.

If the product description section has different modules like standard image and light text overlay, standard image and header text with paragraphs then this type of listing is considered an Amazon A+ listing. Whereas a normal listing doesn’t contain any images and its product description consists of a single paragraph.

There are 17 different modules available but users are limited to using up to 5 modules on a single product page.

Amazon A+ Product Listing
Amazon A+ Product Listing
Amazon A+ listing service provider
Amazon A+ content

What are the Advantages of Using Basic A+ Content?

The main objective of basic A+ content is to encourage a visitor to buy your products. According to Amazon A+ content listing not only increases your conversion rate but also boosts your revenue by 3-10%.

A+ content allows sellers or account handlers to add more details to their product pages like quality images, and comprehensive product descriptions.

Here are the several advantages of using Amazon A+ content listing

A+ content listing offers an opportunity for the seller or seller account management team to add more keywords to their product pages, this can lead to a better organic ranking of your product pages on Amazon search results pages.

A+ content listing also allows users to write more descriptive and engaging product descriptions. A+ content tool gives the user the option to create up to 5 modules for more enhanced content. By using multiple modules seller can highlight the feature of the product. A+ content tool offers 17 different modules for the seller to choose from.

Using these multiple modules sellers can elaborate product features in more engaging and eye-pleasing ways. Modules allow the user to compare multiple products, user can add images containing text, standard image containing light text overlay, standard image and header text with paragraphs and many more.

Using A+ content listing sellers can trigger buyers’ emotions which can lead to more sales and conversions.

The A+ content manager feature allows sellers to add more high-quality images, on the other hand, you will find single paragraphs and zero images under the product description section on a normal product listing page.

During online shopping, buyers can’t hold the product physically neither they can check its quality that is the reason why Amazon A+ listing is so important as it allows sellers to provide more and more information about the product. So that visitor can make their purchase decision.

By adding attractive visuals on the product page seller can enhance customer experience, which can lead to increased traffic, more sales, and better reviews.

How can you create Amazon A+ listing?

Amazon A+ Content | Optimise Product Listings and visibility

In the beginning, there was mainly two criteria that you need to fulfill before you can start creating Amazon A+ listing that is

  • You have to opt for a professional selling plan at the time of creating a seller account
  • You have to register your brand on Amazon for that you have to go through the Amazon brand registry process.

But now the A+ content management tool is available for all sellers but in a limited manner.

Here are the following steps that you need to follow to create Amazon A+ listing-

  • Search for and login into your account
  • Look for the advertising tab and click on the A+ content manager
  • After clicking on the A+ content manager option, you will see the “start creating A+ content” option. Click on start creating A+ content.
  • A new pop-up window will open, and you will see multiple module templates to choose from
  • You have to add at least 5 modules on each product page
  • After creating 5 modules you can submit them for approval, Amazon team can take up to 7 days to approve the modules that you created.
  • Once your A+ listing is approved by the Amazon team, your normal Amazon listing will convert into an Amazon A+ listing

Listing product on Amazon is a crucial role so If you don’t have any prior knowledge about product listing or you don’t know how to create A+ content, then we highly recommend you to hire an Amazon A+ listing Service Provider.

What is Premium A+ Content?

Amazon Premium A+ content listing
Amazon Premium A+ content

Premium A+ content is a higher-level account management tool available to qualified sellers. This tool offers highly customized and better quality modules in the product description section. A+ premium content management tool offers the seller the option to create more attractive pages which include more detailed and eye-pleasing images, high-quality videos, and carousels.

Majority of the people prefer watching videos or viewing infographics instead of reading content. Premium A+ content offers sellers to create more detailed and richer content in comparison to basic A+ content.

Premium A+ content gives the user the opportunity to integrate high-quality videos 720p, whose length can be up to 3 minutes. The seller can also add images of much higher resolution.

Using the Premium Amazon A+ listing feature users can also include an enhanced FAQ to solve their customer doubts or confusion. This enhanced FAQ feature also helps the seller to build trust.

In premium Amazon A+ listing, the feature offer seller up to include upto 7 modules including high-quality images.

How to check whether you are eligible for premium Amazon A+?

There are two criteria to access premium Amazon A+ content-

  • To use premium A+ content every product in your catalog must have a published A+ brand story.
  • You must have at least 15 approved A+ listings within 12 months.

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