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Amazon EBC service
Amazon EBC Service

Amazon Enhanced Brand content is also known as A+ content on Seller Central. Using enhanced brand content feature seller more information on their product pages and can make their product pages more engaging and content-rich. The purpose of adding enhanced brand content on Amazon is to present your product in a more appealing way to visitors, this can lead to increased sales and better conversion. In order to create visually appealing infographics and product description require expertise and years of experience which is why we recommend you hire an Amazon EBC service.

Amazon experts say that adding EBC to the listing can increase sales and conversion. Enhance brand content including product images, infographics, product comparison charts, and videos. Adding an enhanced brand not only helps drive customer attention but also helps users to understand what they are buying.

Adding enhanced brand content can also help you build brand recognition and loyalty. Amazon offers some pre-build templates, user can use these templates to create A+ content for their product pages. Once your A+ content is ready you need to submit it, Amazon can take up to 7 days to approve your A+ content.

Amazon EBC tool is a powerful tool available for brand owners and sellers, this tool can be used to improve customer experience and can lead to more sales on Amazon. So if your listing is not getting a decent number of impressions then you can hire an Amazon EBC service agency that will create A+ content for your product detail pages and help your product pages to get the required attention, you will get more sales when more people visit your listing.

Why EBC is important?

Enhanced brand content is a tool available on the Amazon seller platform. This Enhanced brand content is available to those brand owners and listings whose brand is registered on Amazon. Using enhanced brand content tool seller or brand owners can showcase their products in a more visually appealing and informative way, this can be done by adding informative images, videos, product comparison charts, and detailed product descriptions.

Importance of Enhanced brand content-

Better visibility and conversion-

By creating A+ content for your product page, you can showcase your product to your customers in a more appealing way. Enhanced brand content can also help you get more sales and conversions.

Brand differentiation-

By creating enhanced brand content you can stand out from your competition, creating A+ content can help you build stronger relationships with customers and increase brand loyalty.

More keywords-

A+ content offers you some extra space where you can include more details about your product. You can boost the visibility of your products by including more relevant keywords in your listing. Chances of getting sale increase when more people visit your product pages.

Better Product description-

The enhanced brand content tool gives the opportunity to sellers and brand owners to create engaging and appealing product descriptions. This detailed product description helps customers to understand all the features of the products. Product description with enhanced brand content helps the customer understand what they are buying, this lead to less returns and fewer negative reviews.

Display more quality images-

Amazon uses a highly complex search algorithm to decide product placement on Amazon search result pages. It is also observed that visitors also prefer buying those products which have more images while shopping on online marketplaces like Amazon Visitors can’t hold the products physically they make their final purchase decision based on the displayed images.

We highly recommend our sellers include high-quality infographics in their listing as these infographics help sellers quickly and better understand all the features of the products. It is observed that instead of reading text people prefer to have a quick view of all the information which is why you must include EBC in your product detail pages. That is why it is very important to use high-quality images if you can create high-quality infographics in your listing then well and good otherwise you can hire Amazon EBC services who will create high-quality infographics on your behalf.

Does EBC/A+ content help in the ranking?

Yes, Amazon-enhanced brand content can help you in ranking higher on Amazon search result pages and google as well, including high-quality images in your listing that provide value to the reader. Search engines like Google, yahoo & bing prioritize website which contains high-quality content.

Amazon marketplace has its own search bar that takes several factors into account to decide product placement on Amazon search result pages. Keywords, images, and products description are some most important factor that every search engine take into account so by including enhanced brand content in your listing you get the opportunity to include high-quality images, detailed product description, and more relevant keywords into your listing.

When you include more relevant keywords in your listing then your product pages start ranking for more keywords. This is how Enhanced brand content / A+ content can help you rank higher on Amazon.


Who can create Amazon enhanced brand content?

Amazon enhanced brand content tool is currently available for that creator whose brand is registered in the Amazon brand registry program. Sellers and the Amazon EBC service provider can create A+ content only for those products which are listed under that brand. If your brand is not enrolled in the Amazon brand registry program then you have to register a trademark for your brand then only you can enroll in the Amazon brand registry program.

It is observed that people avoid reading lengthy paragraphs which is why it is very important to include A+ content in your listing so that the lengthy paragraphs can be breakdown into easily understandable and readable articles. Infographics, videos, or short paragraphs are easy to understand and it is very important that your creative should be attractive.

In order to create high-quality infographics and engaging content you must have some certain level of skills & expertise in graphic designing and copywriting. If you don’t have this required skill then you can hire Amazon EBC services. Amazon EBC Service includes infographics, content writing, video creation, and Comparision charts.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should hire Amazon EBC Services-

Professional Design-

EBC Services better know what works and what doesn’t work, they can use their expertise to create high-quality, professional-looking, and visually appealing infographics for your business. These high-quality infographics can your listing stand out from your competitors. It has been observed that a listing with high-quality infographics tends to convert better than those that don’t have infographics.

Copywriting expertise-

EBC services also include professional copywriting services, Amazon EBC service agency can write highly converting, clear, concise, and detailed product descriptions. Enhanced brand content services can help you highlight the main features of your products so that customers can easily and better understand all the features of your products. This helps customers to make an informed purchase decision.

Increased conversion-

A visually appealing infographic can help you earn customer trust and confidence. Amazon EBC services can highlight the selling points of your products, which can lead to more sales and increased conversion.


if you don’t have expertise in using the designing tool then creating visually appealing high-quality images can be time-consuming. So instead of creating A+ content on your own you can hire Amazon EBC Services who will create A+ content for your product listing so that you can work on other important areas of your business and can focus on business growth and expansion.

Better ROI-

As we discussed above including high-quality infographics, and clear, concise product descriptions can lead to more sales and conversions. Including high-quality images and text can help you rank higher on Amazon. When you rank higher for your targeted keywords chances of getting sale also increases. When you will get sales without investing spending money in ads spend then your ROI will definitely improve.

Does EBC content increase sales and conversion?

Enhanced brand content is a great way to deliver complete information about the product to your visitors. Infographics are easy to consume, and it is also observed that people also prefer infographics over text paragraphs. According to Amazon, a listing with A+ content tends to convert better in comparison to a listing without A+ content. By including A+ content in your listing you can increase your average sale by 5% to 10%.

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