Flipkart cataloging services in India

Flipkart cataloging service
Flipkart cataloging service

Flipkart cataloging service is the process of creating a catalog of a product that the seller wants to sell on the Flipkart marketplace.

In the cataloging process service provider collect all the necessary and relevant information about the product like, including product specifications, images, description, and pricing, and organized all the collected information into an organize them into a structured format so that can be easily uploaded on Flipkart in no time.

Uploading products on the Flipkart marketplace can be very difficult for those who are new to the Flipkart marketplace. It is very important to go through all the policies and guidelines before you list your product on the Flipkart marketplace. If you violate any of their policy or guidelines then Flipkart can suspend your account. You also need to enter all the detailed information about the product at thier right place otherwise Flipkart can delist your product.

Visitors also want to collect more and more information about the product before making a final purchase decision. If customers don’t get the right information about the product then you will not get any sales or people will return your product if the listed specification doesn’t match the specification of the delivered products.

The purpose of hiring a Flipkart cataloging service provider is to improve the product listing quality. It is observed that products with high-quality listings tend to convert better.

Flipkart service offers a wide range of services to improve product listing quality. Service includes product photo editing, writing detailed and informative product descriptions, and other product-related content. Service providers also take care of the Flipkart marketplace policy and guidelines that meet flipkart standard quality guidelines.

Flipkart provides proper training to sellers who wants to list their products on the Flipkart marketplace or can hire a Flipkart cataloging service provider. If the seller doesn’t have the time to go through the complete training process, they can hire a Flipkart cataloging service provider.

Overall hiring a Flipkart cataloging services provider can be a great option for those who are looking forward to improving their product listing quality.

What do we do in Flipkart cataloging services?

Below is the list of services that we provide to our customers under Flipkart cataloging services. In Flipkart cataloging services, we help sellers in maintaining and building their online presence on the Flipkart marketplace.

Registoring Flipkart seller-

To start selling on Flipkart marketplace you need the following submit the following details.

  • Mobile number
  • Firm information like your name, business name, and your pin code
  • Email Id
  • Cancel cheque
  • Import-export license

Visit:- https://seller.flipkart.com/ and fill out all the required information and complete the registration process or provide us with all the given information in order to get the registration process done for you.

After successful registration, you can start uploading your product on the Flipkart marketplace.

Product Listing-

Product Listing Guide - How to list products on Kraftly? - Shiprocket Social Blog

In the product cataloging service we collect all the required information about the product and start uploading photos, titles, product descriptions,s and other relevant information about the product on the Flipkart marketplace.

As a part of the Flipkart cataloging services provider seller, it’s our duty to showcase all the information about the product.

Creating Cataloging-

Cataloging - E-com Saviour Academy

In the product cataloging service we collect more and more information about the product. After collecting all the required information about the product We list the product into their relevant category so that the shopper can easily find your products.


If you recently registered yourself on the Flipkart marketplace then your listing may not be visible to anyone. Low reviews can be the possible reason behind the limited visibility of your listing.

In order to overcome this limited visibility you have to run PPC campaigns. Using a PPC campaign you can increase the visibility of your product. Chances of getting sales are higher when your product become visible to more and more people.

Customers are gonna share their reviews about the products, Over time your product will gain reviews and it will start appearing on the first page of the Flipkart Marketplace.

Here are the following reasons why running PPC campaigns is important-

Showcase your product to potential buyers- Your Appointed Flipkart listing service provider can use their expertise to showcase your product to a wider audience who are actively looking for your products. Through PPC ads advertisers can increase the visibility of your products and can drive more traffic to the product listing.

Product Recommendations- Flipkart listing service provider can use their expertise to get your product recommended on the Flipkart home page, or category pages, this is how they can further improve the visibility of your products.

Deals and offers- Flipkart Seller consultant agency can help you in getting more sales. They can create deals and offers to create a FOMO among the visitors, this is how they can multiply your sales and revenue.

Product Description-

A product description is very important as it can influence a customer’s purchase decisions. A well-written product description can help you in getting more sales in many ways-

Delivering product information- A product description should contain its features, specifications, and benefits. This detailed information about the product can help the buyer know what they are buying, and whether the displayed product is the best fit for their requirement or not.

Better visibility- Flipkart listing service agency can use their expertise in writing detailed product descriptions containing your product’s relevant keywords and when a visitor searches for your targeted keywords then your product will become visible to the searcher. This is how a well-written product description can improve the visibility of your products.

Improves customer experience-

An eye-catching and attractive product description can grab customer attention and can trigger them to know more about the product. The chance of getting sales is higher when customers engage with your content.

Build Trust- A clear, accurate, and informative product description can help in building trust with customers. This can help customers feel more confident in their purchase decision and increase the chances of repeat purchases and positive reviews.

Product listing optimization

Product listing optimization includes product title optimization, creating eye-catching images, writing detailed and attractive product listings, and many more.

There are several benefits of optimizing product listing-

Increase visibility- An Appointed flipkart listing service agency can optimize your listing, which can lead to better visibility of your product on Flipkart Marketplace. Product optimization includes product title, description, and other key elements. Chances of getting sales to become higher when your listed products appear on Flipkart search pages.

Better customer experience- An appointed agency can upload accurate and detailed and engaging product information. This relevant information can make customers feel more confident about your product.

Improves conversion Rate- An Optimized product listing tends to convert better in comparison to an un-optimized listing. Providing the necessary information that visitors are looking for appointed agency can easily boost the conversion rate.

Daily updation-

Hire a Flipkart listing service agency which is offering a daily updation facility. Your competitors might be changing product prices frequently to compete with your competition you need to keep the price of your products low. In order to maintain the account health you need to constantly monitor the inventory and maintain stock. That is why it is important to hire a Flipkart service agency that is offering daily updates.

Flipkart service agency also provides daily performance stats, By monitoring daily performance stats users can easily identify areas for improvement and optimization. By monitoring these metrics sellers can take data-driven decisions and can boost the sales of the products.

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