How to improve organic ranking on Amazon?

Topic: How to improve organic ranking on Amazon?

If you are also wondering how to improve organic ranking on Amazon then you are at the right place in this article we have included all the factors that you should take into account to improve the product ranking on Amazon.

Amazon is one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms around the globe. Amazon values customer experience above all else that is the reason why Amazon keeps updating its UI and search algorithm so that shoppers can easily find the products that they are looking for. According to Amazon, the faster the shopper finds the product that they are looking for, the better their shopping experience will be.

So if you want to improve your organic ranking on Amazon you need to focus on keywords because keywords are the most important factor that Amazon’s algorithm takes into account to find and show the most relevant listing to their visitors.

Here are the following keywords tips that you consider to boost the ranking of your listing.

Keyword Research Tool-

There are a variety of tools like Helium10, Sellics, Seller Labs Scope, etc available in the market that you can use to find the keywords that people use to find similar-looking products on Amazon. You can use any of the above-listed keyword research tools but we recommend you use Helium10 because we have personally used this tool to do keyword research for our clients.

This keyword research tool is capable enough to provide you with the exact query that visitors are using to find similar-looking products. This tool can give you the exact typed query and the number of searches that keywords are getting every month.

This keyword research tool also allows you to monitor the keywords that your competitors are using to drive revenue for their businesses. You can also find and rank your listing on untabbed keywords. By doing so you can showcase your product to more potential buyers who are entering the untabbed keywords that your competitors are entering into Amazon’s search bar.

Include Relevant keywords-

We highly recommend you use only the relevant keywords which best represent your products. Many sellers things that the more keywords they will include in their listing, the more their listing become visible to the visitor. In the greed for increased visibility, they end up including irrelevant keywords in their listing.

These irrelevant keywords can confuse Amazon search algorithms and instead of benefiting your listing, these listings can hurt your organic ranking. Including irrelevant keywords in your product listing can lead to increased advertising costs.

Right keyword placement to rank at the top of Amazon-

After finding the relevant keywords for your product you need to place them in the right place otherwise your keywords will not get indexed and your product listing will never appear in organic search. It is observed that if you place your targeted keyword in the title, back-end search terms, bullet points, and description then your product will more likely to get indexed.

If you place your keywords in any of the above-suggested places then there are much higher chances that your products will start appearing in Amazon searches. It can be very hard for you to pick the right keyword and place it in the right place because it requires depth knowledge and years of experience that is why we recommend you appoint an Amazon listing creation service provider who optimizes your listing and help you rank higher on Amazon.

Include both broad and narrow keywords in your listing-

There are mainly two types of keywords that are narrow and broad. Short tail which is also referred to as broad keywords and long tail keywords are referred to as narrow keywords. We highly recommend you use both types of keywords in your listing this is how you can showcase your products to the audience which are more likely to buy your product.

If your listings are new and have very fewer reviews We highly suggest you include long tail keywords into your product listing as these keywords as highly targeted keywords, theses keywords can help you rank higher on Amazon instantly or in very less time.

Ranking a listing on the Amazon marketplace becomes easier when you include narrow keywords in your listing. However, including more long-term phrases in your listing is not feasible because it can make your content look unprofessional.

Don’t stuff keywords into your listing-

Amazon is the largest and most popular online marketplace around the globe. To improve customer experience and to maintain their popularity they keep updating their UI and algorithms. In order to deliver the most relevant results to their visitors Amazon keeps evolving its search algorithm this is the reason why keyword stuffing stopped working in 2023.

Majority of the seller still thinks that if they will stuff the keyword into their listing they can rank higher for their targeted keywords but now instead of benefiting you Keyword stuffing can hurt your ranking that is why we recommend sellers don’t over-optimize and stuff their keywords into their listing pages.

Monitor and adjust your keywords to rank products on Amazon-

In order to improve your product listing you need to continuously monitor the organic ranking of your listing. Monitoring the organic ranking of your product for your targeted keywords can help you to know whether your product is ranking for your targeted or not. If your product is not ranking for your targeted keywords then you need to adjust the keywords accordingly.

By including keywords that are less competitive and have decent search volume this activity can help you rank higher in Amazon searches.

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