Why should we advertise on Amazon?

why should we advertise on Amazon
why should we advertise on Amazon?

If you are a seller and want to scale your business then advertising on Amazon can be a great way to grow your business. More than 308M+ visitor visits the Amazon marketplace for products and services.

By using Amazon’s advertising feature you can instantly showcase your product to a much wider audience who might be interested in buying products.

Here are the following benefits of running ads on Amazon

Increased visibility-

As we have discussed above that millions of visitors visit Amazon shopping platforms every month. Listing your products on such a platform instantly unlocks the potential of getting more sales. You can build your own brand when you start selling on Amazon.

Amazon platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your product on Amazon and increase your brand visibility.

Targeted Advertising-

Amazon’s Advertising feature gives you the opportunity to showcase your products to a specific audience based on their search history, purchase behavior, interest, and demographics. By targeting a specific audience you can multiply your sales and can boost your revenue.

High Intent Audience-

People visit Amazon with the intention of buying products. By using the Amazon advertising feature you can showcase your products to such people who are actively looking for your products. Chances of getting sales to become higher when you showcase your products to such people.

Amazon’s algorithms take product reviews into account to decide the placement of a particular listing on the Amazon marketplace. If your products don’t have reviews or have fewer reviews then your products may not be visible to the audience.


There are a variety of advertising options available on the Amazon platform including sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display ads. Amazon Ads are cost-effective in comparison to other advertising like Facebook and Google.

Amazon ads work on a cost-per-click basis so you only have to pay when someone clicks on your displayed ads and the visitors visit Amazon with intention of making a purchase that is the reason why Amazon ads are cost-effective.

Better reporting and analytics-

Amazon Platefrom offers detailed reporting and analytics to sellers. By monitoring these analytics and reports users can make adjustments to their ad targeting to improve the performance of their ads.

The seller can use this detailed reporting and analytics to take data-driven decisions, they can also use reporting to optimize their campaigns for better results.

Why Amazon ads are better than any other advertising platform?

Amazon Audience is more likely to convert better intent-

308M+ people visit Amazon every month to buy products or services, audience available on Amazon has high buying intent in comparison to the audience available on any other advertising platform.

It is observed that more than 44% of online shoppers search for the product on Amazon, 33% of the shopper searches for products on Google, and the remaining 23% of people use the rest of the other platform to buy products on Amazon.

Chances of getting sales to become higher when you showcase your products to the audience who are visiting the Amazon marketplace to buy the product.

Running ads on Amazon can improve your Listing ranking on Amazon-

Running Ads on Amazon helps you to showcase your products to a wider audience. Chances of getting sales to become higher when more people visit your listing.

If customers find your product of high quality they will share their positive reviews about the product and also rate your products. When your listing managed to collect enough reviews then your listing will start ranking on the Amazon search result pages.

Better control over ads-

Amazon’s advertising platform gives better control over Ads campaigns. Sellers are free to choose the keywords, placement, and target audience. One of the main benefits of Amazon’s advertising platform is that you only get charged when someone clicks on your Ads.

You don’t get charged for impressions. All these features make the Amazon advertising platform one of the most liked Advertising platforms.

Target audience based on search terms-

Amazon’s advertising platform allows users to target people based on their search terms. Showing the product to the visitors who are searching for your products in real-time can drive more sales for your business.

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